Thank you for considering a donation to our server!

Why Donate? eafa2f22f91e67c14f2b605b5045acb633b69f11.png

Mainly because running a server is expensive and time consuming!
In order to keep the server afloat and running, we need donations from players!

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If you require assistance, please contact staff members on our Discord Server.
We will respond ASAP there!

Please keep in mind that donations do take a few minutes to go through!
Please contact us only if your donations have still not yet gone through after 15 minutes.e9be726d0528e3287e96ada76950055cd3431b1f.png

(!) Do check out the FAQ if you have any other questions!

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Community Goal

Help us cover the monthly maintenance costs of the server!
Every time the goal is reached, there will be 12 hours of Flight Globally for everyone!

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